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IOT Application Trainers

1 Smart Home IOT  
1 Smart Home IOT Trainer SHOME100
2 Smart Home IOT Trainer with Real IOT Server S-HOME-IOT100
3 Voice Controlled Smart Home IOT Trainer - AES Cloud based VIOT100
4 Smart Home IOT Trainer using Mobile SHOME2200
5 Smart Home IOT Trainer using Matlab SHOMEMAT100
6 Smart Home IOT Trainer using Machine Vision SHOME100MC
7 Smart Home - Android App Controlled - IOT Trainer SANDROID100
8 Smart Home Asset Tracking IOT Trainer SASSET100
9 Smart Televison IOT Trainer STV100
10 Smart AC IOT Trainer SAC100
11 Smart Refrigerator IOT Trainer SREFRIG100
12 Smart Washing Machine IOT Trainer SWMC100
13 Smart Fan and Light Control IOT Trainer SFANLT100
14 Smart Gardens IOT Trainer SGARDEN100
15 Smart Clock IOT Trainer SCLOCK100
16 Smart Alarm and Routine SALARM100
17 Smart Coffee Machine IOT Trainer SCOFFMC100
18 Smart Gadzets IOT Trainer SGADZETS100
19 Smart Doorbell IOT Trainer SDOORBELL100
20 Smart Camera IOT Trainer SCAMERA100
21 Smart Internet TV IOT SITV100
22 Smart Microwave Oven IOT Trainer SOVENITO100
 23 Smart Metering IOT Trainer SMET100
 24 Smart Indoor Navigation IoT Trainer SINDOOR100
 25 Smart Ubiquitous Home Network Trainer SUHN100
 26 Smart Indoor Navigation IoT Trainer SINDOOR100 
 27 Smart Water Parab  SWPAB100 
 28 Smart Urinary and Toilet  STOILLET100 
 29 Smart Bathroom SBATH100
 30 Smart Kitchen  SKITCHEN100
 31 Smart Lock SLOCK100 
 32 Smart Mirror SMIRROR100 
 33 Smart Dressing  SDRESS100
 34 Smart Socks IOT SSOCK100 
 35 Smart Bra  SBRA100 
 36 Smart Intercom  SINTCOM100 
 37 Smart EPBX  SEPBX100 
 38 Smart Games IOT - GOT GOT100 
 39 Smart Remote Control IOT  SREMOTE100 
 40 Smart Projector IOT SPROJ100 
 41 Smart Consumer IOT - CIOT CIOT100 
2 Smart Office IOT  
1 Smart Office IOT Trainer SOFFICE100
3 Smart City IOT  
1 Smart Cities IOT Trainer SCITI100
2 Smart Environment IOT Trainer SENV100
3 Smart Air Quality IOT Trainer SAIR100
4 Smart Radiation Control IOT Trainer SRAD100
5 Smart Malls IOT Trainer SMALLS100
6 Smart Building IOT Trainer SBUILDING100
7 Smart Garbase IOT Trainer SGARBASE100
8 Smart Multiplex IOT SMPLEX100
9 Smart Temperature Control STEMP100
10 Smart Weather Control SWAEATHER100
11 Smart Water IOT Trainer SWATER100
12 Smart Museum IOT  
4 Smart Hotels IOT  
1 Smart Hotels IOT Trainer SHOTEL100
2 Smart Restaurant IOT Trainer  
5 Smart Banks IOT  
1 Smart Banks IOT Trainer SBANK100
2 Smart Payments IOT Trainer SPAY100
3 Smart Accounting IOT Trainer SACC100
6 Smart Transport and Travels IOT  
1 Smart Car IOT Trainer SCAR100
2 Smart Vehicles Tracking IOT Trainer SVEHICLE100
3 Smart Vehicle Licence Plate using Machine Vision SVEHICLEPLT100
4 Smart Parking IOT Trainer SPARK100
5 Smart Transport IOT Trainer STRANSPORT100
6 Smart Ticketing IOT Trainer STKT100
7 Smart Traffic IOT Trainer STRAFFIC100
8 Smart Airport IOT Trainer SAIRPORT100
9 Smart Railway Station IOT Trainer SRAILWAY100
10 Smart Train IOT Trainer STRAIN100
11 Smart Bus Station IOT Trainer SBUST100
12 Smart Bus IOT Trainer SBUS100
13 Smart Location Mapping IOT Trainer SLOC100
14 Smart Cognitive Automation IOT SCOGAUTO100
 15 Smart Car Booking - Hotel Booking - Flight Booking SCARBOOK100
7 Smart Services IOT  
1 Smart Post Offices IOT Trainer SPO100
2 Smart Courier Services SCOURIER100
3 Smart Logistics Control IOT Trainer SLOGI100
4 Smart Service IOT Trainer SSERVICE100
5 Smart E-Commerce IOT  SECOM100 
 6 Smart Insurance IOT SINS100
 7 Smart Online Shopping IOT SSHOP100 
 8 Smart News Channel Station Selection  SNEWS100
8 Smart Medical - Doctors, Operation IOT  
1 Smart Body Sensor Network Trainer SBASN100
2 Smart Health IOT Trainer SHEALTH100
3 Smart Hospital IOT Trainer SHOSPITAL100
4 Smart Dispensary IOT Trainer SDISP100
5 Smart Wearable IoT Trainer W100
6 Smart Face Reading IOT Trainer SFACE100
Smart Fitness and Jim IOT SJIM100
 9 Smart Wearable IOT  
 1 Arduino Wearable Lilypad Micro Controller Trainer LILYPAD100
 2 Adafruit Wearable Gemma Micro Contraoller Trainer GEMMA100
 3 Adafruit Wearable Trinket Micro Contraoller Trainer TRINKET100
 4 Arduino Wearable Basic IOT Trainer ARDWRIOT100
 5 Arduino Wearable Advanced IOT Trainer ARDWRIOT200
 6 Smart Wearable Health IOT Trainer SHEALTH100
 7 Smart Wearable Watch Health IOT Trainer SWERWATCH100
10 Smart Factories - Factory, Plants, M2M, Business, Job, Industries  IOT  
1 Smart Factories IOT Trainer SFACT100
2 Smart Robot IOT Trainer SROBOT100
3 Smart Drons IOT Trainer SDRON100
4 Smart Inventory - IOT Trainer SINVT100
5 Smart M2M IOT Trainer SM2M100
6 Smart M3M IOT Traine SM3100
7 Smart SCADA IOT Trainer SSCADA100
8 Smart Automation IOT Trainer SAUTO100
9 Smart Jobs IOT Trainer SJOBS100
10 Smart Radiation Control SRAD100
11 Smart Mines Control SMINES100
12 Smart IIOT - Industrial IOT SIIOT100
13 Smart Fire Safety SFIRESAF100
14 Smart Enterprise IOT - EIOT SEIOT100
15 Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy: IoT = IT + OT SGTM100
16 Mindtree Digital Marketing IOT SMINDTREE100
17 Mission-Critical Internet of Things (“MC-IoT”) MCIOT100
11 Smart Education - Colleges, Schools, Classes, Books IOT  
1 Smart Education IOT Trainer SEDU100
2 Smart Library IOT Trainer SLIBRARY100
3 Smart Toys IOT Trainer STOYS100
4 Smart Hotspot IOT Trainer SHOTSPOT100
5 Smart Sports IOT Trainer SSPORTS100
12 Smart Energy Generation IOT  
1 Smart Electricity IOT Trainer SELE100
2 Smart Power IOT Trainer SPOWER100
3 Smart Electricity Plants IOT Trainer SELE100
4 Smart Wind Power Generation SWIND100
5 Smart Solar Power Genarations SOLARPWR100
6 Smart Water Plant - Dams IOT WATERPLT100
13 Smart Government Sectors IOT  
1 Smart Governance Control SGOVRN100
2 Smart Navy IOT Trainer SNAVY100
3 Smart Army IOT Trainer SARMY100
4 Smart Military IOT Trainer SMILITARY100
5 Smart Nuculiar Science Control SNUC100
6 Smart Radar IOT SRADAR100
14 Smart Computers IOT  
1 Smart Computers Applications SCOMAPP100
2 Smart IOT Evaluation Trainer SEVA100
3 Smart Cloud IOT Trainer SCLOUD100
4 Smart Social Integration IOT Trainer SSOCIALINTG100
5 Smart Data Center IOT SDATACENT100
15 Smart Agriculture and Earth IOT  
1 Smart Agriculture IOT Trainer SAGR100
2 Smart Solar Irrigation IOT Trainer SSOLARIRG100
16 Smart Communication IOT  
1 Smart Telehone Communication STELECOM100
2 Smart Power Line Communication IOT Trainer SPOWERCOM100
3 Smart Light Communication IOT Trainer SLIGHTCOM100
4 Smart Mobile IOT Trainer SMOBILE100
5 Smart Radio IOT Trainer SRADIO100
6 5G and IOT 5GIOT100
7 5G Holography 5GHOLO100
9 Smart Chatboat IOT SCHATBOT100
 10  Mobile Banking, Digital Payments and Security SMOBPAY100
11 Smart Social Integration IOT Trainer  SSOCIALINTG100
 12 Smart Whatsapp Messaging and Audio Video Calling SWHATAPP100
17 Smart Security IOT  
1 Smart Security IOT Trainer SSECU100
2 Smart Surveillance-IOT Trainer SSURV100
3 Smart Radar IOT SRADAR100
 4  Smart Security Camera IOT SCAMERA100
5 Smart Notification and Message IOT SNOTI100
18 Smart Animals IOT  
1 Smart Pets IOT Trainer SPETS100
2 Smart Forest IOT SFOREST100
3 Smart Birds IOT SBIRD100
19 Smart Refinaries IOT  
1 Smart Refinaries SREFINERY100
2 Smart Petrol Pump IOT SPETROL100
3 Smart Oil Factory SOIL100
 20 Voice Controlled IOT   
 1 Voice Controlled IOT  VIOT100
 2 Voice Controlled Smart Home IOT VSHOME100
 3 Voice Controlled Smart Office IOT VSOFF100
 4 Thought Controlled IOT THIOT100
21  Spirituality and IOT  
 1 Spiritual - Depression - Sleeping Counseling using IOT DEPIOT100
 2 Smart Sleep IOT SSLEEP100
 3 Internet of Thanksgiving - IoT THANKIOT100 
 4 Smart Happiness IOT SHAPPY100
 5 Smart Thought Control IOT THIOT100
 6 Smart Mind Control IOT SMOND100