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Basic Fundamentals Trainers

1 All Networking Methods Trainer NET100
2 LAN, Router and Gateways Trainer LANRTGT100
3 Servers Trainer - All Types of Servers SERVER100
4 All Wireless Networking Trainer WLNET100
5 Static IP and Port Forwarding Trainer WLNET100
6 PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Control Trainer PWMC100
7 Relays ON/OFF Controller Trainer RELAYONOFF100
8 Motors Controller Trainer MOTOR100
9 UART Serial Comminication Trainer - RS232 UART100
10 RS485 Communication Trainer RS485100
11 I2C Protocol Communication Trainer I2C100
12 SPI Protocol Communication Trainer SPI100
13 Linux Operating System Trainer LINUX100
14 C++ Language Software Trainer C++100
15 Python Language Software Trainer PYTHON100
16 Database, Cloud and Dedicated Server Trainer DEDISERVER100