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Next Generation Networks Lab


Next Generation Networks Lab

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  3G Network Trainers  
1 EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) Networking Trainer  - 2.75G EDGE100
2 UMTS Networking Trainer (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System) - 3G UMTSNET100
3 UMTS-FDD (UMTS Frequency Division Duplexing) Networking Trainer UMTSFDD100
4 UMTS-TDD (UMTS Time Division Duplex) Networking Trainer UMTSTDD100
5 WCDMA Trainer (Wide Band CDMA) - 3G WCDMA100
6 3G Networking Trainer 3G100
7 EDGE Wireless Modem Trainer EDGEMOD100
8 Modems for iDEN, EDGE and CDMA1x Trainer MODEM300
9 Modem for HSDPA/HSUPA and EVDO Rev A Trainer HSDPAMOD100A
10 WAN 3G Cellular Router Trainer WAN3GRT100
11 3G Mobile Trainer 3GMOBILE100
12 Communication Comprehensive Training System  Hightech Trainer HT11900
13 TD-SCDMA / GSM Mobile Terminals Tester HT4923
14 3G (TD-SCDMA) Mobile Communication System Hightech Trainer HT804E
15 GSM / DCS Mobile Telephone Testing System Trainer HT801
16 3G Mobile Terminal Maintenance System Trainer HT805B
17 Cordless Phone Testing System Hightech Trainer HT901C
18 Wireless Paging Testing System Hightech Trainer HT403C
  3.5G Network Trainers  
19 1xEVDO (Evolution-Data Optimized ) Networking Trainer -3.5G EVDO100
20 1xEVDV (Evolution-Data and Voice Optimized ) Networking Trainer-3.5G EVDV100
21 HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) Networking Trainer - 3.5G HSDPA100
22 HSUPA (High Speed Uplink Packet Access) Networking Trainer - 3.75G HSUPA100
23 HSPA+ (Evolved High Speed Packet Access) Networking Trainer - 3.8G HSPA+100
24 HSDPA Wireless Gateway Trainer HSDPART100
25 EVDO/HSDPA/Wifi Mobile Router Trainer MODEM400
26 UMTS/HSDPA Mobile Router Trainer UMHSRT100
27 Ethernet Modem for HSDPA and EVDO Trainer HSEVMOD100
28 HSDPA, EVDO and iDEN Modem Trainer MODEM500
29 HSUPA Modem Trainer HSUPAMOD100
  4G Network Trainers  
31 LTE (Long Term Evaluation) Trainer - 3.9G LTE100
32 HSOPA (High Speed OFDM Packet Access) Trainer HSOPA100
33 Mobile Wimax Trainer MWIMAX100
34 UMB Trainer (Ultra Mobile Broadband) UMB100
35 Generic Access Network (GAN) Trainer GAN100
36 WiBro (Wireless Broadband) Trainer WIBRO100
37 IMT-Advanced (International Mobile Telecommunications - Advanced ) Trainer IMTA100
38 iBurst - HC - SDMA (High Capacity Spatial Division Multiple Access) Trainer HCSDMA100
39 HIPERMAN (High Performance Radio Metropolitan Area Network) Trainer HIPERMAN100
40 4G Networking Trainer 4G100
41 4G Mobile Trainer 4GMOBRT100
  Mobile Network Trainers  
1 Mobile Networking Trainer MOBILE100NT
2 Mobile Telecommunication Trainer MCT2000
3 Mobile Phone Gaming Console MOBILEGM100
4 Mobile Navigation System Trainer MONAVIG100
5 SIM Card Reader SIMRD100
6 USIM Card Reader USIM100
7 Smart Card Trainer SMCARD100
8 Mobile IP Trainer MIP100
9 Mobile VPN Trainer MVPN100
10 Mobile WAN Trainer MWAN100
11 Mobile TV Trainer MTV100
12 Mobile Wimax Trainer MWIMAX100
13 Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (MBWA) Trainer MBWA100
14 Mobile Broadband Router Trainer MBBRT100
15 Cellular Travel Router Trainer MTRRT100
16 Mobile Router (EVDO to Ethernet/Wifi Router) Trainer MTRRT101
17 3G Mobile Router Trainer 3GMOBRT100
18 Mobile Bridge Cellular to Wifi Mobile Gateway Router Trainer 3GMOBRT101
19 Mobile and Home/Office Cellular/PCS Amplifier Trainer MOBAMP100
20 Wireless Signal Extender  Trainer WSIGEXT100
21 Mobile FI Trainer - 802.20 MFI100
22 MVNO Trainer (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) MVNO100
23 MVNE Trainer (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler) MVNE100
24 IMN (Intelligent Mobile Networking ) Trainer IMN100
25 IPV6 Trainer (Internet Protocol Version 6) IPV6-100
26 MBMS Trainer (Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service) MBMS100
27 MIMO Trainer (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output ) MIMO100
28 VAS Trainer (Value-added services) VAS100
29 Mobile Radio Trainer MBR100
30 IWF Trainer (Inter-working Function) IWF100
31 ROHC Trainer (RObust Header Compression) ROHC100
32 INAP Trainer (Intelligent Network Application Part) INAP100
33 GERAN Trainer (GSM EDGE Radio Access Network) GERAN100
34 UTRAN Trainer (3G Universal Terrestrial Access Network) UTRAN100
35 UTRA Trainer (Universal Terrestrial Radio Access) UTRA100
36 Carrier Ethernet Transport (CET) Trainer CET100
37 UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) Trainer UMA100
38 FMC (Fixed-mobile convergence ) Trainer FMC100
39 3G FMC Router Trainer 3GFMCRT100
40 MCN (Multihop Cellular Network) Trainer MCN100
41 SFN (Single Frequency Network) Trainer SFN100
42 MANET (Mobile Adhoc Network) Trainer MANET100
43 VANET (Vehicular AdHoc Network) Trainer VANET100
44 FOMA (Freedom of Mobile Multimedia Access) Trainer FOMA100
45 TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) Trainer TETRA100
46 SDR (Software Defined Radio) Trainer SDR100
47 Software Radio Hightech Trainer HT11806B
48 CR (Cognitive Radio) Trainer CR100
49 CPC (Continuous Packet Connectivity) Trainer CPC100
50 GNSS-GIS-GPRS Development System Hightech Trainer HT11816B
   Internet and Voice Network Trainers  
1 Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Trainer VOIP100
2 VOIP Phone Trainer VOPH100
3 VOIP PCO Trainer VOPCO100
4 VOIP PSTN Gateways Trainer VOPGATE100
5 VOIP ISDN Gateways Trainer VOISGATE100
6 VOIP GSM/GPRS Gateways Trainer VOGSMGATE100
7 VOIP CDMA Gateways Trainer VOCDMAGATE100
8 VOIP ADSL Gateways Trainer VOADSLGATE100
9 VOIP Satellite Gateways Trainer VOSATGATE100
10 VOIP VPN Gateway Trainer VOVPNGATE100
11 VOIP Router Trainer VOROUT100
12 VOIP Telephone Exchange Trainer VOIPEX100
13 VOIP Gatekeeper Trainer VOGATE100
14 VOIP CENTREX (Central Exchange) Trainer VOCENTREX100
15 IP Remote Broadcasting Trainer IPREMOTEBST100
16 NGN VOIP Gateway Trainer NGNVOIP100
17 VOIP LCS ( Live Communications Server) Trainer VOIPLCS100
18 VOIP VQT (Voice Quality Testing) Trainer VOIPVQT100
19 IP Audio Conference Trainer IPAUDIO100
20 IP Voice Recording Trainer IPVOICEREC100
21 IP Voice Recording Server Trainer IPSERV100
22 VOIP IVR Gateway Trainer IVRVOIP100
23 Internet Phone (IP Phone) Trainer IP100
24 Soft Switch Trainer SSTH100
25 SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trainer SIP100
26 SIP Server Trainer SIPSR100
27 ENUM Trainer (Electronic Telephone Number Mapping) ENUM100
28 IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) Trainer IPPBX100
29 Next Generation Network  (NGN) Trainer NGN100
30 MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) Trainer MPLS100
31 GMPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) Trainer GMPLS100
32 Signaling Transport (SIGTRAN) Trainer SIGTRAN100
33 Cryptography and Network Security Trainer CRYPT100
34 FXO Trainer (Foreign eXchange Office interface) FXO100
35 FXS Trainer (Foreign eXchange Subscriber interface) FXS100
36 AIPN (All IP Network) Trainer AIPN100
37 Skype Gateway SKYPEGT100
38 IP Speaker Phone IPSP100
39 Radio Over IP (ROIP) Trainer ROIP100
40 FOIP (Fax over Internet Protocol) Trainer FOIP100
41 IP Television Trainer IPTV100
42 IP Video Recording Trainer IPVIDEOREC100
43 MCIB (Multi Channel IP Broadcasting) Trainer MULIP100
44 Video Gateway Trainer VDGATE100
45 Video Router Trainer VDRT100
46 Network DVR (Digital Video Recording) Server Trainer NETDVR100
47 VOD (Video on Demand) Server VOD100
48 IP Multi-Media Subsystem (IMS) Trainer IMS100
49 TDMoIP Trainer TDMOIP100
50 TDMoIP CVS (Compressed Voice System) Trainer TDMOIPCVS100


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