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Telecommunication and Network Lab

  Telecommunication and Network Lab

Model and
Specs Pdf

1 Pulse Telephone Trainer PULSE100
2 DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) Telephone Trainer PHONE100
3 Telephone with SIM memory Trainer PHONESIM100
4 Caller ID Telephone Trainer                                CALID100    
5 Cordless Telephone Trainer                         RPHONE100
6 Video Phone Trainer                                VIDPH100
7 TAM (Telephone Answering Machine) Trainer                TAMDM100    
8 Telephony Voice Recording Trainer VOICER100
9 KTS (Key Telephone System) Phone Trainer                       KTS100
10 FAX (Facsimile) Machine Trainer                               FAXDM100   
11 Coin Box Pay Telephone Trainer PAYPH100
12 Intercom Trainer                                   ICOM100
13 FM Intercom Trainer                                   FICOM100
14 Tele-printer Trainer TELEPR100
15 Pager Demonstrator - Cutout non working PAGER100
16 FSK To DTMF Telephone Converter Trainer FSKDTMF100
17 DTMF Encoder Decoder Trainer DTMF100
18 DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) Trainer DECT100
19 ACD (Automatic Call Divert) Trainer ACDCALL100
20 CENTREX (Central Exchange) Trainer CENTREX100
21 Analog Telephone Switching System Trainer ANAPH100
22 Digital Telephone Switching System Trainer DIGIPH100
23 PSTN Switch Configuration T/S/T Switch PSTN100
24 PSTN T/S/T Switch Hardware Simulation Trainer PSTN100S
25 TST (Time Space Time Switching) Trainer TST100
26 TSST (Time Space Space Time Switching) Trainer TSST100
27 Combination Switching Trainer PSTN102
28 PCM Switching and Transmission System PSTN200
29 SDS (Space Division Switching) Trainer SDS100
30 Cross Bar Switching Trainer CROBAR100
31 Half/Full Duplex Trainer HFDUXP100
32 Transmission Mode Trainer (Simplex, Half Duplex, Full Duplex) TRMODE100
33 EPBX (Electronic Private Branch Exchange) Trainer - 3 to 8 Line               EPBX100
34 EPBX (Electronic Private Branch Exchange) Trainer - 2 to 4 Line                                 EPBX100M
35 EPBX (Electronic Private Branch Exchange) Trainer - 1 to 4 Line            EPBX100L
36 Advanced EPBX Trainer - (Microcontroller based) EPBX200
37 Digital Program Control Exchange Trainer  - High-tech Trainer HT11803D2
38 Digital Program Control Exchange  Trainer  - High-tech Trainer HT11803E
39 Telephone Exchange Trainer EXCHANGE100
40 Digital Telephone Exchange Trainer DEXCHANGE100
41 Two Stage Switching Trainer SWITCHING200
42 Three Stage Switching Trainer SWITCHING300
43 Telemetry Trainer TELEMETRY100
44 PCM Telephony System Trainer PCMTELE100
45 Study of Automatic exchange PCM200S
46 Modem (Modulator-Demodulator) Trainer                            MODEM100
47 Modem Networking Trainer MODEM100NT
48 DID Modem (Direct Inward Dialing ) Trainer DID100
49 Caller ID (Identification) Modem Trainer                                CLMODEM100
50 PSTN Router Trainer ROUTP100
51 PSTN Gateway Trainer GATEP100
52 PCO (Public Call office) Trainer PCO100
53 STD PCO (Subscriber Trunk Dialing ) Trainer STDPCO100
54 Dialup Telephone Networking Trainer PHONENET100
55 IN (Intelligent Network) Trainer IN100
56 CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) Trainer CTI100
57 AIN (Advanced Intelligent Network) Trainer AIN100
58 Telephone Line Simulator TELEPHSIM100
59 Telephony Trainer TELPHONY100
60 Telephone Traffic Simulator PHSIMU100
61 IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Trainer IVR100
62 Call Centre Trainer CALL100
63 Call Conferencing Trainer CALLCF100
64 Transreceiver Trainer TRX100
65 POS (Point of Sales Terminal) Trainer POS100


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