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Fiber Optic and Laser Communication Lab


1 Basic Fiber Optic Trainers

Model and
Specs Pdf

1 Basic Fiber Optics Trainer        FOT100
2 Determination of Numerical Aperture of Optical Fiber FOT100A
3 Measurement of Bending Loss in Optical Fiber FOT100B
4 Measurement of Propagation Loss of Optical Fiber FOT100C
5 Measurement of Light Attenuation of Optical Fiber FOT100D
6 Propagation Loss & Bending Loss in Optical Fiber FOT100E
7 Speed Measurement of Light Using Fiber optic FOT100F
8 Measurement of Pulse Spreading FOT100G
9 Measurement of wavelength of an optical fiber source FOT100H
10 Dispersion measurement in given FOC FOT100I
2 Advanced Fiber Optic Trainers  
11 Advanced Fiber Optics System Trainer                               FOT200
12 Advanced Fiber Optics Trainer                               FOT200M
13 Advanced Fiber Optic Trainer-Dual Channel & PC-PC Communication Facility FOT200S
3 Analog Transmission Fiber Optic Trainers  
14 Fiber Optic Analog Transmitter/Receiver Trainer  FOT101
15 Fiber Optic Analog Transmitter/Receiver Trainer  FOT101L
16 Fiber Optic Analog Transmitter Trainer FOT101T
17 Fiber Optic Analog Receiver Trainer FOT101R
18 Fiber Optic Voice Transmitter/Receiver Trainer  FOT101V
19 Fiber optic Voice /Analog Link FOT101AV
20 Fiber Optic AM Modulation/Demodulation Trainer FOT101AM
21 Fiber optic Voice Link using AM FOT101AMV
22 Fiber Optic Voice AM Modulation/Demodulation Trainer FOT101AMV
23 Fiber Optic Analog Link FOT101A
24 Fiber Optic Analog Link At 660nm For Plastic Fiber FOT101A-660
25 Fiber Optic Analog Link At 950nm For Plastic Fiber FOT101A-950
26 Fiber Optic Analog Link At 850nm For Glass Fiber FOT101A-850
27 Fiber Optic Advanced Analog Transmitter Receiver Trainer FOT101AD
4 Fiber Optic Basic Links  
28 Fiber Link A Low cost Fiber Optic Trainer  FOTLINKA
29 Fiber Link B Fiber Optic Communication Trainer FOTLINKB
30 Fiber Link C Basic Fiber Optic Trainer FOTLINKC
31 Fiber Link D Physics of Fiber Optics Trainer FOTLINKD
32 Laser Diode and Glass Fiber Based Fiber Optic Trainer FOTLINKE
33 Dual Fiber Optic Link for Plastic and Glass Fibers FOTLINKF
34 High Speed Digital Fiber optic Link FOTLINKG
35 High Speed 5 MB Optical Link FOTLINKH
5 Digital Transmission Fiber Optic Trainers  
36 Fiber Optic Digital Transmitter/Receiver Trainer FOT102
37 Fiber Optic Digital Transmitter Trainer FOT102T
38 Fiber Optic Digital Receiver Trainer FOT102R
39 Fiber Optic Advanced Digital Transmitter Receiver Trainer FOT102AD
40 Fiber optic Digital Link FOT102A
41 Fiber Optic Digital Link At 660nm Plastic Fiber FOT118DL01
6 Analog and Digital Transmission Fiber Optic Trainers  
42 Fiber Optic Analog and Digital Transmitter/Receiver Trainer FOT103
43 Analog & Digital Fiber Optic Link FOT103A
44 Fiber Optic Analog & Digital Link At 660nm For Plastic Fiber FOT103A-660
7 Fiber Optic FM Trainers  
45 Fiber Optic FM Modulation/Demodulation Trainer FOT104FM
46 Fiber Optic Voice FM Modulation/Demodulation Trainer FOT104FMV
8 Fiber Optic PC to PC Communication Trainers  
47 PC To PC Communication using Optical Link FOT105
48 RS-232 Communication using Optical Link FOT105L
49 Microprocessor To Microprocessor Communication Using Fiber FOT105MP
9 Fiber Optic FM PAM - PWM - PPM - TDM - PCM - FDM Trainers  
50 Fiber Optic Pulse Amplitude Modulation/demodulation Trainer FOT106
51 Fiber Optic Voice Pulse Amplitude Modulation/demodulation Trainer FOT106V
52 Fiber Optic Pulse Width Modulation/demodulation Trainer FOT107
53 Fiber Optic Voice Pulse Width Modulation/demodulation Trainer FOT107V
54 Fiber Optic Pulse Position Modulation/demodulation Trainer FOT108
55 Fiber Optic Voice Pulse Position Modulation/demodulation Trainer FOT108V
56 TDM Fiber Optic Trainer FOT109
57 Fiber Optic Data multiplexer Transmitter/Receiver Trainer FOT109L
58 Fiber Optic Multiplexer /Demultiplexer - Coder/Decoder Trainer FOT109S
59 2 Channel PAM TDM using Optical Link FOT109PD
60 4 Channel PCM TDM using Optical Link FOT109PT
61 FDM Fiber Optic Trainer FOT128
62 Fiber Optic Pulse Code Modulation/demodulation Trainer FOT110
63 Fiber Optic Voice Pulse Code Modulation/demodulation Trainer FOT110V
64 Fiber Optic Full Duplex Telephone Transreceiver Trainer FOT110PH
10 Fiber Optic Video Transmission Trainers  
65 Fiber Optic Video Transmitter/Receiver Trainer FOTVD100
66 Fiber Optic Video Link  FOTVD100A
67 Audio/Video Link - Fiber Optic Trainer FOTVD100B
11 Advanced Fiber Optic Trainers  
68 Advanced Fiber Optic Communication lab FOTCOM100
69 Optical Communications Trainer OPTCOM100
70 WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) Trainer WDM100
71 WDM Trainer WDM100S
72 DWDM Trainer with Two Power sources and Two Power meters DWDM100
73 CWDM (Course Wavelength Division Multiplexing ) Trainer CWDM100
74 SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) Networking Trainer SONET100
75 Laser Trainer LASER100
76 Laser Fiber Optics Trainer LASER100S
77 Industrial Application of Fiber Optic Systems FOTAPP100
78 Holography Trainer HOLO100
79 Optical Logic Controller Trainer OPTLOG100
80 Optical Shaft encoder OPSHFT100
87 Physics of fiber optic Lab PHYFOTLAB100
89 850 nm Fiber Optic Led Source and Detector Module ADFOTLAB1001
90 1310nm Fiber Optic Laser Source And Detector Module ADFOTLAB1002
91 1550 nm Fiber Optic Laser Source And Detector Module ADFOTLAB1003
92 Dual Wavelength Fiber Optic Laser Source And Detector Module ADFOTLAB1004
93 Fiber Optic Passive Component Module ADFOTLAB1005
94 Multimode Fiber Optic Cable Module ADFOTLAB1006
95 Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable Module ADFOTLAB1007
96 Chromatic Dispersion Module ADFOTLAB1008
12 Fiber Optic Complete Lab Trainers  
81 Fiber Optic LAB I FOTLAB100
82 Fiber Optic LAB II FOTLAB200
83 Fiber Optic LAB III FOTLAB300
84 Fiber Optic LAB IV FOTLAB400
85 Fiber Optic LAB V FOTLAB500
86 Laser Optics Lab LASERLAB100
13 Fiber Optic Instruments  
97 Fiber Optics Continuity Tester FCNT100
98 Fiber Optics Power Meter FOPM100
99 Optical power meter for wavelength 800-1700 nm OPPWR100
100 Optical Power Meter OPPWR100S
101 Optical Power Meter 850/1310/1550 nm OPPWR101S
102 Fiber Optics Power Light Source FOPS100
103 Laser Light Source 1310/1550nm OP102S
104 Measurement using OTDR                                      OTDR100
105 He -Ne Laser Source HELAS100
106 Fiber Optic Variable Attenuator FOTANT100
107 Study of Optical Spectrum Analyzer     OPSA100
14 Fiber Optic Tools and Kits  
108 Fiber Optic Connectorization Kit. FOC100S
109 Fiber Optic Connectorization Kit  (including Mechanical Splice) FOC200S
110 Fiber Optic Networking Cards FOTLAN100C
111 Fiber Optics Video Training Cassette FCASST100
112 Fiber Optics Books FBOOKS100
113 Fiber Optic Components, Consumables and Accessories FCOMP100
114 Fiber Optic Tools FTOOLS100
115 Fiber Optic Cables Kit FCABLE100S
116 Fiber Optic  Connectors Kit FCONNT100S
117 Fiber Optics Do-it Your self Kit FDIY100
118 Characteristics of Fiber Optic LED      OPT15         
119 LED Radiation Pattern Trainer LEDPG100
120 Characteristics of Laser Diode      OPT16         
121 Characteristics of Photo Diode OPT04
122 Characteristics of PIN Photo Diode OPT04B
123 Characteristics of APD Photo Diode OPT04C
124 Characteristics of Photo-Transistor              OPT05         
125 Characteristics of Photo IC      OPT19         
126 V-I Characteristics of LED as a light source OPT22
127 Study and plot the characteristics of a Light Detector OPT22A
128 Fiber Optics Characteristics Study Trainer FOTCH100
129 Study of Optical Sensors OPTS100
130 Study of different types of Lasers LASER200
131 Laser Diode Intensity Modulation/Demodulation Trainer LASER101
132 V-I Characteristics of optical Transmitter & Detector FOTTXRXCH100
133 Frequency Response of Optical Detector  FOTRXFR100
134 To build and test LED and LASER drive circuits LEDLASER100
15 Fiber Optic Hightech Trainers  
135 Optical Fiber Communication Trainer LIGHTRUNNER100
136 Optical Fiber Communication Trainer HT11804I
137 LD/LED Luminance Properties Testing Trainer HT12201C
138 Photoelectric Detection Principle Trainer HT12202C
139 Photosensitive Diode and Triode Comprehensive Experiment Trainer HT12230B
140 Photosensitive Resistance Comprehensive Trainer HT12231B
141 PIN Photodiode Comprehensive Trainer HT12228B
142 Silicon Photocell Characteristic Trainer HT12229B
143 Thermistor Comprehensive Trainer HT12232B
144 APD Principle Trainer HT12215B
145 PMT (Photomultiplier Tube) Experiment Trainer HT12206C
146 Photoelectric Detector Spectrum Response Test Platform HT12203B
147 Pyroelectric Sensor Experiment Trainer HT12219B
148 Photoelectric Coupling Switch Experiment Trainer HT12218B
149 One-Dimensional PSD Principle Experiment Trainer HT12216B
150 Two-Dimensional PSD Principle Experiment Trainer HT12217B
151 Infrared Photoelectric Detection Innovative Experiment Platform HT12209C
152 Solar Energy Cell Integrated Experiment Trainer HT12233B
153 Solar Photovoltaic Application Platform HT12244B
154 Photoelectric Orientation Experiment System HT12210C
155 Photoelectric Technology Innovation Comprehensive Experiment Trainer HT12236B
156 Photoelectric Technology Innovation Comprehensive Experiment Platform HT12243B
157 Color-Sensitive Photodiode Comprehensive Experiment Trainer HT12237B
158 Laser Doppler Experiment Trainer HT12249B
159 Optical Modulation and Demodulation Comprehensive Experiment Trainer HT12234B
160 Electro-optical Modulation Experiment Trainer Hightech Trainer HT12208C
161 Acousto-Optic Modulation Experiment Trainer HT12213B
162 Fiber Communication Principle Kit HT11804H1
163 Optical Fiber Communication Principle Experiment System HT11804I
164 FSO Communication Principle Experiment Trainer HT12235B
165 FSO Communication Theory Experiment System HT12235C
166 Optical Wavelength Division Multiplexing Trainer HT12253B
167 OADM Trainer HT12254B
168 Optical Network OXC Trainer HT12255B
169 Optical Fiber Error Test Training System HT12263B
170 Fiber Connecting Training System HT12264B
171 Fiber Polishing Training System HT12265B
172 Linear Array CCD Principle and Application Trainer HT12207C
173 Colorful Area Array CCD Comprehensive Trainer HT12223B
174 Micro-optic Image Intensifier Principle Comprehensive Trainer HT12220B
175 Colorful Linear Array CCD Comprehensive Trainer HT12238B
176 LED Emitting Angle Characteristics Test Trainer HT12245B
177 LED Spectral Characteristics Test Trainer HT12246B
178 OLED Organic Light-Emitting Device Test Trainer HT12247B
179 LCD Display Characteristic Test Trainer HT12248B
180 Display Photoelectron Comprehensive Experiment Platform HT12250B
181 LED Display Application Comprehensive Trainer HT12251B
182 Fiber Numerical Aperture Experiment Trainer HT12226B
183 Fiber Transmission System Performance Test Experiment System HT12240B
184 EDFA Characteristics Test Trainer HT12241B
185 Optical Fiber Dispersion and Loss Characteristics Test Trainer HT12242B
186 Optical Fiber Information Comprehensive Trainer HT12239
187 Fiber Coupling and Characteristics Test Trainer HT12252B
188 Fiber Polarization Extinction Ratio Measurement Trainer HT12256B
189 Fiber Test Single-slit Diffraction Light Intensity Trainer HT12259B
190 Fiber Lighting System Trainer HT12261B
191 Fiber Fire Warning System Trainer HT12262B
192 Fiber End Processing &Coupling Welding Training System HT12266B
193 Taper Fiber Device Production Training System HT12267B
194 Photoelectrical Sensor Technology Experiment Table HT12803B
195 Sensor Detection Technology Comprehensive Experiment Table HT12805B
196 Optical Fiber Shifting Sensor Trainer HT12222B
197 Optical Fiber Pressure Sensor Experiment Trainer HT12221B
198 Optical Fiber Temperature Sensor Experiment Trainer HT12227B
199 Fiber Grating Sensor Principle and Application Experiment Trainer HT12257B
200 Optical Fiber Micro-Bend Experiment Trainer HT12258B
201 Optical Fiber Liquid Level Measurement Experiment Trainer Hightech Trainer HT12260B
202 LD/LED Current Source HT606
203 1315 Dual Wavelength Stabilized Light Source HT602B
204 1315 Optical Multi-Meter HT603B
205 Precision Ammeter HT608B
206 Optical Power Meter HT601C
207 Whole-Wavelength Optical Power Meter HT607B
208 Error Analyzer HT701
209 Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing Machine HT615B
210 Illuminometer HT613


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